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      Society of Automotive Engineers www.sae.org
      American Welding Society www.aws.org
      Ameriacn Society of Mechanical Engineers www.asme.org
      Ameriacn Society for Testing & Materials  www.astm.org
      The Mineral, Metals & Materials Soceity www.tms.org
      ASM International www.asm-intl.org
      Ameriacn Foundryman's Soceity www.afsinc.org
      Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)-Taiwan www.iia.org.tw
      Forging Association, R.O.C. www.forging.org.tw
      Forging Industry Association www.forging.org
      The American Society for Nondestructive Testing(ASNT) www.asnt.org
      American Welding Society(AWS) www.aws.org
      Edison Welding Institute(EWI) www.ewi.org
      TWI www.twi.co.uk
      The Material Information Society(ASM International) www.asm-intl.org
      American Petroleum Institute www.api.org
      Government Links
      Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA www.moeasmea.gov.tw
      Board of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economics Affairs www.trade.gov.tw
      Environmental Protection Administration www.epa.gov.tw
      Council of Labor Affairs Executive Yuan www.labor.gov.tw
      Public Construction Commission Executive Yuan www.pcc.gov.tw
      Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economics Affairs sun1.doc.gov.tw
      National Tax Administration of Kaohsiung www.ntak.gov.tw
      Tax Administration of Kaohsiung Municiple Government www.kctax.gov.tw
      Science and Technology Information Center, NSC, ROC www.stic.gov.tw
      Other Links
      Chinese National Federation of Industries www.cnfi.org.tw
      YANO Research Institute Ltd. www.yano.co.jp
      EBSCO Information Services www.ebsco.com
      Industrial Technology Intelligence Services www.itri.org.tw
      Science & Technology Law Council stlc.iii.org.tw
      Metal Industries Research & Development Centre www.mirdc.org.tw

      》Taiwan Casting Industry Association Copyright 2006 》
      3F., No.84, Sec 2, Jianguo N. Rd., Jhongshan District, Taipei City 10479, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
      TEL: 886-2-2501 2162 FAX: 886-2-2507 6423
      Resolution: 800 x 600
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